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Webster’s dictionary defines Alpha as "the first, the beginning".  In the case of Alpha, the beginning was 1969 and the location was Morgantown,  West Virginia when two engineers decided to embrace the entrepreneurial spirit.  At that time, Mr. Sam Bonasso and Bill Atwell focused on structural engineering and won their first client, the Robert C. Byrd Health Sciences Center.   Both firm founders have since passed the torch to a new generation, but the first client remains a client today, a testimony to the quality of the firm.  

To match the needs of the market, additional services were added as the firm grew.   Architects and civil engineers were soon added and surveying, interior design and landscape design are also elements of the practice today.    

By 1995, Alpha’s client base had grown, demanding the need for a second location.  The Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia was selected and the planning began.    The Eastern Regional Office is located in Historic Downtown Martinsburg and is conveniently located to serve clients in West Virginia, Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania.

The end of 2012 marked another change in Alpha's timeline with the retirement of Vice President Jim Davison.  Jim was an integral component in the growth of Alpha's architectural practice and his design influence can be seen throughout West Virginia.  Jim had a special love for designing K-12 facilities and he imparted his passion to the remainder of the design staff. 

Alpha's growth continues today, with new market sectors being explored, new services being added, but always with the knowledge of where the firm started and what the perspective was then.   The firm mantra has always been to "do good work" and that philosophy is carried on today.  


  • Alpha staff following a team building exercise in 2008
  • Firm founders Bill Atwell and Sam Bonasso celebrating 20 years in business
  • A photo collage celebrating the first 10 years at Alpha
  • Alpha staff following a firm picnic in 2003
  • Alpha staff celebrating 20 years in business with a cruise on the Mon River
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