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20 Questions to Ask an Engineer

  1. What type of engineering do you provide?
  2. Is the engineer familiar with the local building codes?
  3. Does your firm have the capacity to complete my project?
  4. How is my project designed and do I get to interact with the engineer?
  5. How do you decide which engineer does my project? Who will be designing my project?
  6. How well does the engineer work with permitting agencies?
  7. How will the engineer charge for  their services?
  8. Has the engineer completed similar projects in the past?
  9. Will I have to be involved in dealing with the contractor during construction?
  10. How do you insure effective communication?
  11. How do you interact with State, Federal and Local funding agencies?
  12. How do I determine the construction costs of my project?
  13. How early in the design can I get an accurate budget?
  14. Is it important for my engineer to be registered?
  15. How should I decide which engineer to use for my project?
  16. Why is bidding engineering services a bad idea?
  17. What tools does the engineer use to effectively design my project?
  18. Does my engineer need specialized training to complete my project?
  19. Can my engineer help find funding for my project?
  20. Can you provide all services needed for my project?  If not what do you do?


20 questions

Questions to Ask First


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